School Supply Lists Third Grade
Posted On:
Tuesday, June 06, 2017



Clorox Wipes


Math and Science-

1 - 2 inch 3 ring binder (Please find one that is durable because it needs to last all year. :)

2 composition notebooks

2- 3 prong PLASTIC folders 

page protectors (minumum of 50)

Large pencil box

scotch tape plastic refillable dispenser with at least 4 tape refills

1 pack of highlighters

2 packs of pencils

Pencil sharpener

Children's scissors

sticky notes

Glue sticks

ELA and Social Studies-

Reading Response Journal (composition notebook for small group)

1 canvas Pencil Pouch with holes for a 3 ring binder- for spelling cards

Post It Notes

Post It "flags"

1-2 inch binder

2 packs of dividers

loose leaf paper

2 packs of pink erasers

1 pack of top erasers

2 three pronged plastic folders

Ziplock bags (gallon and quart)

Expo markers




Each child will be responsible for their own supplies all year long.







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